Super-Duty 300 Tripod Sprinkler

Superduty 100 Tripod Sprinkler

Telescoping tripod sprinkler extends from 3' to over 7' high with simple, easy to use, manual height adjustment. Powder coat over galvanized, schedule 40 plumbing. 7' Goodyear leader hose with all brass connections and brass impact srinkler included. Perfect for simulating rain on fruit trees, high shrubs and gardens. Built to last. Please see our impact sprinkler page for other impact sprinkler heads that fit your specific application.

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Tripod Sprinklers - Super Duty

Super Duty Tripod Sprinkers are the toughest sprinklers you can buy, period!

We fabricate sprinklers and sprinkler carts with ½” through 4" water supply. Custom builds available, call for details.
























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